Professional staff, wide experience in Energy Networks systems that will add value to your project, using the methods, tools and equipment with the latest technology available.

  • Commissioning, testing, predictive and corrective maintenance to Power Equipment, rural, compact and Transmission substations conventional and GIS from 13.8KV, 23KV, 34.5KV, 85KV, 115KV, 230KV & 400 KV.
  • Power Transformer repair and remanufacturing.
  • Industrial and commercial Installations.
  • Special installations.
  • Power Line Installation and maintenance.
  • Oil Reclaiming.
  • Electric test to bus bar, power cables and accessories.
  • Hi-pot Tester in DC for Metal Clad switchgear.
  • Capacitor test- connections, capacitance metering.
  • Ground networks- resistivity metering and methods.
  • Detection and metering of hot points.
  • Metal Clad switchgears: operation, test, installation, and commissioning.
  • Dielectric ridged for Power vacuum and SF6 Circuit Breakers.
  • Insulated fluids.
  • Dielectric Ridged or breaking strength.
  • Oil resistivity, power factor.
  • Physical-chemical test, gas chromatography test.