Aged Transformer Oil Reclaiming “On Site”and “Under Load”

This Treatment is to successfully restore the Physical, Chemical and Electrical properties of the Aged Dielectric Oil by removing or reducing Partials, Moisture, Gases, acidity and other oxidation decay products, until the oil is restored in their quality, Like-New.

  • The oxidants Absorption products through Absorbent earths.
  • The filtration using a group of filters.
  • The Microfiltration at 5 microns.
  • The Dehydration and Degassing with Vacuum.
  • The addition of additives.

Mobil Equipment Performing regeneration treatment in a power transformer

With absorption trough Absorbent earths remove colloidal substances in suspension, the oxidation products, the polarization compounds (produces color changes) and the traces of organic acids.

With 5 micron microfiltration, we are able to eliminate carbon, water, sludge or solid micro particles that are in suspension.

With dehydration and vacuum degassing we can reduce the ppm on or under the limits permitted, the dissolved or emulsified water in the oil, while we degasses and remove the most volatile acids in the oil.

With the addition of additives to the oil we add inhibitors to avoid or make slower the oxidation process in the oil and extend their useful life.

The combination of this techniques is what makes the reclaiming or regeneration treatment highly efficient and reliable on the recovery of the Physical, Chemical and Electrical properties of the treated oil and the effective cleaning of the Transformer core and windings.

How to Perform the Treatment

With this treatment the oil is revaluated “ On-Site“and “Under Load” as Like-New condition. With our mobile plant you can do the job on the site, right there, on the substation. The Regeneration process is performed in the substation were the Power Transformer is operating energized, with the purpose of reuse the same oil and at the same time clean and dry the core and the windings.

The statistics show that in most cases it is possible to regenerate up to 95% of the volume of contaminated oil, obtaining the following benefits:

  • Decrease in the volume of waste generated
  • High Savings in the Purchase of new oil
  • Reduction cost of waste management

Cleaning and dry of the transformer core and windings with advantages in their performance.


To verify the oil treated we perform our own and third party Lab test to provide the customer the Test and Verification of the Test.

We prove the oil once treated is free of water, and solids and have the parameters Physical, Chemical and Electrical according the standards to be used again in the Power Transformer.