Apfelbaum has a wide experience and capacity to provide Power Transformers, HV Capacitive Air-Oil Bushings, Switchgears, Mobil Substations and a broad range of material and equipment for Electric Transmission and Distribution. Power Transformers, GIS Power Circuit Breakers (SF6), Disconnecting Switches & Cut-Outs, Lighting & Surge Arresters, Ceramic, Glass and Composite Insulators, Bushing for Power Circuit Breakers and Transformers, Voltage and Current Transformers, Hardware for Transmission and Distribution, Protection Equipment for Aerial Pulling/Tension Cable Accessories. HV Cable, OPGW, ACSR, Line Hardware and substation connectors, cable terminations, Capacitor Banks, Reactors, Multifunction relays and protection panels. Auxiliary Panels, Glass, Porcelain and Composite insulators, LV Lighting arresters, disconnecting switches, switch -reclose, hot line tools.

Professional staff, wide experience in Energy Networks systems that will add value to your projects, using methods, tools and equipment with the latest technology available.


Maintenance, Test and Commissioning, preventive and corrective to Transformers, Switchgears and Circuit Breakers (Transmission substation conventional and GIS). Several kind of Test as Excitation current, relation of transformation and polarity, ohm resistance, contact resistance, reactance of dispersion, residual humidity, saturation, insulation resistance to Power transformers, instrument transformers, voltage regulator, circuit breakers, etc.

COMMISSIONING and Test for Turbine Generators, Power Transformers, Switchgears, Power Lines.