Apfelbaum has a broad range of knowledge and experience to take their projects from simple cycle turbines to Combine Cycle Power Plants with different sizes and configurations. Also we work in projects for Combine Heat and Power Heat Recovery Systems to attend the industrial demand with savings.  We sale Diesel, Gas and steam turbine generators; spare parts for turbine generators like  Blades, Deflectors, Transition Pieces, Bushings different types and materials, Electronic Boards. Fuel Nozzles, Mechanical seals, Flex Couplings, Turbine Rotors, O ’Rings, Bearings, Thermocouples, Ignitors and  Ignition cables, Spark Plug, Servo-valves, Circulation Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Instrumentation: Flow Meters, Pressure Gauges, Temperature Meters, Level Meters, Pressure Switches, Time Relays, Event Counters, Recorders, Terminal Blocks, Solenoids, Heating resistors, voltage regulators, Converters, Power Supply, Battery Banks, Insulation components, Diesel and water heaters, By-pass Check, safety, control and purge valves, Alloy Piping and Large Special Fittings; Oil Pumps, Chemical Pumps, Vibration and speed sensors, Brushes, Battery Banks, Excitation Systems & Parts Spark Plug Cables, RTD’s and temperature sensors, Fuses, Alloy Piping, Special fittings, SS Tubing and fittings, injection Fuel Valves several types, Fiber Optic cables, UTP Cables, fuel sprayers for burners, burner nozzles, gaskets for burners, Stacks,  cooling pumps, water pumps and spare parts, electrohydraulic pumps and spare parts, hydraulic, oil and air filters and elements motors and motor-pumps, bearings and all those obsolete and difficult to find parts.