Our Industrial division provides material and equipment for industrial use to a huge variety of companies. Products as Pumps, Compressors: Screw,-industrial Tools: Air, Electric , Hydraulic , Filters: Oil, Water, Air, Water Treatment, Media filtration, Plants off-shore, Piping & Fittings, Flow Meters & Temp Meters, Level Switches, all kind of valves, a lot of products for instrumentation, lamps, etc. Tension and Pulling Equipment for aerial and underground cable installations, hydraulic tools for cable installation, cable accessories, etc. The accumulated experience, acknowledge bid regulations on the several markets we attend and the alliances with other manufacturers has permitted us to have a wide Scope of Products to attend the markets in the United States, Mexico and South America, with competitive prices, adequate conditions, same or better quality and delivery time, to keep 100% customers satisfaction.

Besides being a reliable supplier of main equipment, parts and accessories for supporting the industrial process. We have professional team with certified and wide experience in field, to provide installation, commissioning, services, maintenance and Training.